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Our Work Space Jump

Space Jump

This retro space game was a really exciting project. Game development is something we’ve been exploring for a while, but it’s not our main focus.

With Space Jump, we wanted to create a game that was simple but kept users wanting (and playing) more. The UI is 8-bit for that vintage vibe and the UX is simple – just hit play and tap to jump!

User reaction’s been great. We’re excited to build more.

Watch our videos to see the Igniva team chase the high score!

Our Work RavNav

RavNav helps people organise their night out.

Any night out starts with a destination. With RavNav, users can easily filter clubs by their music and distance. In-app messaging and Uber booking help get everyone there.

RavNav’s social side lets users share their pics. Other night-owls can stay up to date with their friends and discover new venues.

Clubs + bars use RavNav too. A stripped-back UI keeps things professional-ish while letting everyone add their own stamp.

Our Work Babble

Babble is a platform where women can meet new female friends.

This project was an exciting opportunity to brand, design and build an app that really resonated with women.

With Babble, users control their own experience. They can explore communities individually or view all posts in a central feed. The contemporary and bold turquoise brand colour complements this sense of exploration and discovery.

Are you ready to babble?

Space Jump

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