We create apps + websites from the ground up.

From logo design to UI/UX and development.


Apps + websites have different design requirements. What they share is digital. Digital design isn’t just how an app or website looks. It’s about how apps and websites work too. We break digital design down into identity and UI/UX design.

Identity design establishes your brand. It’s your first opportunity to impress users. Your identity is what initially convinces people to explore your website or download your app.

Our interface and experience designers then create the UI/UX of your platform. UI/UX design is how your platform will look and work. Effective UI/UX design allows users to achieve their goals; it’s what keeps them coming back.


Whatever your digital development requirements, we can meet them.If you need an app, we can build for iOS and Android. If it’s web, we can code in any programming language. In short, we’re full-stack.

The development route we choose will ultimately depend on the requirements of your platform. Together, we’ll make a decision based on extensive research and consultation.

To ensure the success of your platform, Igniva’s development also includes testing, hosting and version control. Our developers are experienced and we’re happy to pick up a project at any stage, whether you’ve already designed your platform or not.

  • > Identity design
  • > UI/UX design
  • > iOS + Android development
  • > Full-stack web development
  • > Testing and QA
  • > Hosting
  • > & more

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